The history of is the history of the one-touch push-fit fitting in Korea. Since its founding in 2000, Jointop Co., Ltd has been continuously developing innovative products and growing into a ‘global hidden champion with sustainable technology’.
In the industry of machine equipment where the attempt to apply new technologies is perceived as an adventure, all executives and staff members of Jointop Co., Ltd are not afraid of the challenge and has pioneered global market by developing technologies. We feel it is our mission to contribute to the industry of machine equipment and the national economy.

A one-touch removable EZ Joint that Jointop Co., Ltd successfully developed and commercialized in 2000 through our own technology has considered as a new innovation in piping connection technologies both at home and overseas and rated as a leader in one-touch model based on domestic and international performance. Especially, EZ Joint is recognized for its earthquake-resistant technology and the quality of product in Japan and Taiwan where are frequently hit by earthquakes, making us one of the most representative pipe connectors which has been exporting overseas over the past 13 years since 2005.

All executives and staff members of Jointop Co., Ltd accept the market pricing that said ‘the history of Jointop Co., Ltd is the history of one-touch push-fit fitting’ as a great responsibility. We promise to improve further as ' global hidden champion with sustainable technology’ through continuous technology development.

Thank you so much.


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