1. Pipe does not go in. What shall I do?
  • - Check the pipe status(Specification item status, Roundness, Bending status)
  • - Check pipe face removal
  • - Check for debris inside the joint
2. How can I check whether the pipe is accurately inserted?
  • - Mark and insert the pipe using the inserter
  • - Check the insertion length for each size if no insertion is found
3. I am trying to use it for hot water. Is it possible?
  • - EZ Joint’s O-Ring can be used in 80℃ for 70 years.
4. How much is the water pressure?
  • - For 60su, the maximum limit water pressure can be used up to 200kgf/cm2.
5. Is it applicable to heat and hot water?
  • - It can be used for heating and hot water supply after passing the cold and hot water repetition test by the authorized certification authority.
6. Will Plastic(JAW Holder) break?
  • - They are made of engineering plastic and therefore resistant to general shock.
7. Is there any possibility that the snap ring is corroded and internal parts are dislodged?
  • - All STEEL parts of EZ-JOINT are parts of stainless steel material.
  • - The same type of material is free from galvanic corrosion problems and does not rust as a result of its stainless properties.
8. Is there applied specifications? And up to what size are there?
  • - It is applicable to the standard tube (KS D 3595) for pipes, and it is available from 13su to 60su.
9. Is it available for sea water?
  • - Chlorine ions in seawater are destructive to the protective coating of stainless steel and are not recommended for use.
10. It’s easily constructed. But won’t it easily get out?
  • - JAW of the Easy Joint Parts support the pipe. It is designed to support the pipe with more force as it is pulled out.
  • - Usually, it is difficult to disconnect the pipes on purpose as it makes the pipes harder to escape when the water pressure (5-6 kgfcm2) is applied.
11. Can it be used on other metal pipes?
  • - Easy joints are designed and produced using stainless steel pipes.
  • - Galvanic corrosion may occur when joining other pipes.
    (However, there is no major problem in using the same pipe as the potential difference is below the reference value when joining it.)
12. Can it be used for PE pipe or PVC pipe?
  • - It can be used if the pipes have the same outer diameter.
  • - However, pipes can be destroyed by JAW at high pressure.
13. Can it be used in gas, oil and gun powder pipes?
  • - The Easy Joint is a retaining hole for stainless steel piping.
  • - May be restricted in use by chemicals, types of oils and poisonous gasses.