We make the history of one-touch push-fit fitting in Korea

Join Top developed the world's first one-touch detachable pipe end connection EZ-JOINT Completed patent registration in 5 countries all over the world One-touch pipe connector in domestic and overseas markets It is a nationally representative brand.

Brand New EZ-JOINT

In September 2018, JOINTOP CO., Ltd., has released to domestic market by successfully developing a K-Type of pipe-plastic machining method that have compensated the disadvantages of existing casting products and enhanced economic efficiency.
We are recognized the stability and convenience of products in Taiwan and China, and we are aggressively expanding our market share by replacing the existing J type.

One-Touch push-fit fitting in Korea ez joint

ez joint capable of functioning normally at strain angles ranging from 6 to 24 degrees, and is capable of moving in all directions according to the associated means to satisfy the seismic design requirements of the hardened firefighting facility.

Furthermore, it is recognized for its earthquake-prone performance in Japan and Taiwan as its internal parts can restore vibration caused by earthquakes, and is the South Korean national brand for the plumbing system that is constantly being sold.

ez jointproven on Export Performance The superiority of seismic performance

Japan and Taiwan, countries with frequent earthquakes, have delivered more than 3,000 conditions over the past 13 years since 2005, and cumulative exports topped US$ 12 million.
Even more striking is that despite about 40,000 major and minor earthquakes in Japan and Taiwan over 13 years, no one has reported any damage from the leakage from theez joint